slimming body peeling with grapefruit & ginger aroma

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It’s not like you don’t know that dead epidermis should be exfoliated, instead of cultivated. It’s not like you don’t know that smooth skin looks great, and regulation of microcirculation is important because it influences skin’s firmness. It’s not like you don’t know these things, yet somehow you can’t bring yourself to actually do them.

Our grapefruit & ginger peeling will come in handy here. The bright orange color, the beautiful smell – you’ll be waiting for the opportunity to use that peeling. It’ll exfoliate what has to go, firm, and perfectly smooth your skin, and you’ll quickly form a self-care habit because using this peeling is a pure pleasure.

GINGER EXTRACT - neutralizes free radicals and improves blood circulation, stimulates blood circulation, accelerates fat burning, and helps to fight cellulite. Massaging it into the skin has a warming effect.

GRAPEFRUIT SEEDS – perfect for exfoliating dead epidermis and stimulating microcirculation.

GRAPE OIL - a rich source of linoleic acid and vitamin E. The oil aids tissue regeneration, has anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-aging attributes. It also perfectly nourishes, softens and relaxes the skin.

SWEET ALMONDS OIL - improves blood circulation, has anti-aging and moisturizing properties, is very gentle and safe for the skin. It also helps to protect the epidermis against the adverse effects of weather conditions. Thanks to the lipid complex it contains, the skin becomes more elastic and smooth.

FLOWER NECTAR – an exclusive ingredient obtained from an ever-green bush with a beautiful flowers (combretum farinosum), which produce the nectar. The liquid is rich in amminoacids, minerals, vitamins and essential oils. It revitalizes and nourishes the skin, providing it with valuable ingredients.

It’s a sugar peeling, so it’s perfect if your skin prefers more gentle exfoliation. Just use it 2-3 times a week (if you have sensitive skin, 1 a week will be enough). Don’t use the peeling daily – it may deprive the skin of its natural moisture or disrupt its barrier – or on damaged skin.


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slimming body peeling with grapefruit & ginger aroma

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