Some of you may still remember Cosmepick makeup products. Maybe you even recall our trailer, which we hauled around Pomerania as part of a make-up salon on wheels. However, only a few of you probably know that at the beginning of the brand's existence, we made a very large investment in vending machines project. We wanted our cosmetics to be widely and easily available. This is where our name came from: COSME, for cosmetics, and PICK, for choosing. At this point, you’re probably thinking that you’ve never seen such a machine with the Cosmepick logo.

And you’re right, because this project failed.

Cosmepick has had many different stages when it comes to identification, but we’ve always cherished a sense of humor because we try to be positive and look for good things in life. Even when the crisis was not so much hanging over us as pressing us to the ground, we didn’t want to give up and stubbornly believed that there would be a way out.

And what do you know, there was a way out.

A friend of a friend said it was a pity we didn’t have skincare products, because if we did, he could help us get into a drugstore. A metaphorical light bulb lit up above our heads and we knew what to do.

It was a month of late nights, bad diet based on hectoliters of caffeine, enormous stress and repeating to ourselves like a mantra that we could do it. Honestly, to this day no one knows how we managed to create these products on time ;)

The line of body cosmetics was so well received that over time we focused only on it and gave up makeup completely. The rest is history 