Some time ago we came to the conclusion that we’re not getting involved enough, that somewhere along the way we’ve lost our direction and sight of the values that guided us when creating this brand. Because yes - we do business, sell cosmetics, but we also want this brand to represent something. That’s why we decided to post here a short summary of what we believe - for you, so that you can get to know us better, but also for us, so that we don’t lose our identity again.


We’re a Polish brand of body care cosmetics, combining ease and professionalism. You get only high-quality products from us, which, however, are still affordable. We hate stuffiness. Have you ever entered a so-called "exclusive drugstore"? Because we did, and we felt judged from the very first second. Many times, we’ve seen written on the faces of the staff that they wonder how much we have in our pockets.

Well, we won’t try to telepathically check how much you earn per month, which doesn’t mean, of course, that we won’t be encouraging you to buy from us. Let's be honest - we have a product that we want to sell. But we do really want you to like this brand and feel safe with us, to see a space to be yourself on our e-shop, Facebook or Instagram.


Cosmepick has always been a "colorful" brand: a bit crazy, cheerful, a bit cheeky, and with many faces - it's time to start saying it out loud. Our products are for everyone, regardless of skin color, orientation, religion, gender or size you wear. After all, the world would be so utterly boring if we were all alike.


Continuing the previous thread, beauty really has no size. Therefore, in order not to be pay lip-service, we eliminate the Skinny Pig and F *** OSOM from our assortment – a slimming serum and a breast enlargement serum. They’ll be available until the stocks last, at a 50% discount, and then they’ll become history. Also, we’re just going to say that we heard about a very interesting, non-standard use of the Skinny Pig serum - a certain gentleman who loves crossfit claims that the serum nicely emphasizes his muscles ;)

Of course, we don't mean that losing weight is something bad. It's just your decision, and we have nothing to do with it. So we’ll neither encourage nor discourage. Cosmepick - You Pick.


We’re a bit in opposition to the currently fashionable approach of telling ourselves that life’s good, when problems pile on our backs. You know, there’s this Norwegian city, Rjukan, that not so long ago used to go without sun for almost 6 months a year. For years, people thought about remedying this with special mirrors that would reflect the sunlight, but the technology of that time couldn’t make it happen. And finally, in 2013, this plan was successfully implemented.

Our point is that of course it's nice if someone can find something positive in every situation, but let's be honest - sometimes if things are bad, they’re bad, that's it. But it’s worth believing that we’ll eventually build these solar mirrors somehow. Even if it’ll take a while.

Our products won’t magically change your life - no cosmetic will, no matter how much you spend on it. However, they will help you find a moment just for yourself during the day, a much needed moment of relaxation, when you are only left with your thoughts. And if you have a completely hopeless day and you have a hard time even thinking about applying anything on your skin, at least smell one of our products - for example, salted caramel is recommended for all worries, it’s a proven information - and google these solar mirrors in Rjukan.


Cosmepick products have never been tested on animals. It’s forbidden to test cosmetics and their ingredients on animals in the European Union, but for us it’s merely a pure formality, a confirmation of what we ourselves believe in.

So it happened that we’re all dog lovers here, in the company - we bring our dogs to the office every day (they’re not allowed in the factory, of course). Sometimes, it might prove problematic to, for example, open the door to the conference room, because one of the dogs is spread comfortably in the aisle and requires a fee of a few strokes before moving.

Our love for animals makes us more sensitive to their suffering and we’d hate to contribute to it. At the same time, the high quality of Cosmepick products and the safety of their use remain our top priority. Each of our products undergoes all the required dermatological tests, carried out using alternative methods. Thanks to this, we are 100% sure that we meet European safety standards.