We’re a Polish brand based in Gdańsk and our factory is located just outside the city. We have a small, well-coordinated team - thanks to this, we can be closer to you. Right, but who, exactly, are we?


The management board is as follows: Ania and Maciek take care of the company, and Bartek takes care of the production plant. Here comes the fun part: Bartek is also Ania's husband and Maciek's brother (we do realize that this sounds a bit like an introduction to a math task, we promise to not ask you to guess anyone’s age). All three of them are an example that professionalism doesn’t rule out chill.

Then we have the sales department, that is Magda, Natalia and Olesya, who make sure that the products go where they should, and not get lost in the way of life, Krzysiek, to whom we run crying when the computers refuse to cooperate, Patryk, who ensures we don’t spend too much, Ms. Ewa (also known as Auntie) taking care of HR, Marta, a powerhouse who's taking care of the secretariat, and another Patryk, who packs parcels and knows by heart where which product lies in our warehouse, and marketing consisting of Anna and Adam - proud tenants of the most cluttered room in the entire building, who insist that the mess in question is an expression of their creativity.

There are also - of course! - dogs. In the picture below, starting from the left: Toby, Zula, Gin, Siniak and Lenin are looking at you.

As mentioned before, we also have our own production facility, but more on that another time. After all, we do need to keep some minimal element of mystery.


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We take into consideration the needs of every type of skin, even the most demanding ones. If you’re looking for tattoo cosmetics, and you want to avoid chemical formulas, try out our Tattoo Care line – simple, yet effective products, based on valuable plant oils and extracts.