shower gel for tattooed skin

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So you have a tattoo: a beautiful, wonderful tattoo. You’re also a responsible grown-up, so you know you have to take care of it properly. All the shower gels you own are proudly displayed on your desk, while you’re searching the Internet to find out what should you wash a healed tattoo with. Forget it, everything focuses on new tattoos, and you just can’t wrap your head around the strange names of ingredients, so there’s no way for you to tell if there’s some devilish detergent out there, which would turn you into a star of medical conferences.

We’re coming to the rescue: you can wash your healed tattoo with any shower gel – only why would you choose a regular gel, if you can have one that also intensifies the tattoo colors and protect it from fading?

  • Our shower gel protects tattoos, preventing them from fading and blurring.

  • It enhances colors, so that your tattoo can stay beautiful for longer.

  • You’ll get the best results when using it with our Pimp Up Serum.

  • For it to work, you have to use it regularly – washing is also something best done on a regular basis, so there should be no problems, right?

  • Apart from melon, we have two other fantastically smelling versions: watermelon and pina colada.

  • The product is suitable to use only on healed tattoos.

Betaine - a natural raw material obtained from sugar beet. It not only moisturizes more strongly than water, but also increases skin elasticity by stabilizing moisture.

Hamamelis extract - improves general blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels. It also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties (i.e. it supports the fight against wrinkles and aging of the skin).

Liftonin xpert - ingredient obtained from the juice of medical plant Bulbine frutescens which grows in South Africa. It guarantees better adherence of the colourants into the skin. It also controls and, if a need arises, ensures that skin receives additional portion of high quality collagen. Brings immediate relief to a tattooed skin.

Use it like any other shower gel. You’ll get best effects when using it with our Pimp Up Colour Serum.


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shower gel for tattooed skin

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